The Best Time

My little one had another birthday party to attend.  It was at a popular place where several other kiddos in her class had held their birthday parties — including my own when she turned five.  But this time I did not want to sit on the bench like a responsible parent.  I found out it was OK for adults to go as long as they wore socks like everyone else.  I tried not to let my age or my weight bother me and I just decided to have fun with my little girl.  Rather than embarrassing her as I’d feared, the other kids started asking if I would go down the slides with them — to the point where my only child got jealous.  I was not elegant or gracious but you know what?  I had a great time!  One husband remarked I was the biggest kid there.  When I was little they didn’t have places like this.  And those slides seem WAY higher than two stories once you’ve climbed up!  I can only imagine how they must feel to littles.  I have found as I age that life is short.  I have spent too much time wondering what others may think of me and/or trying to please someone else.  Now I just don’t give a damn.  The result was that my child told me after it was all over she was so glad I played with her and that a few of the other kids said they wished I was their mom.  The Indian children’s right’s advocate Kailash Satyarthi said, “Childhood means simplicity.  Look at the world with the child’s eye — it is very beautiful.”  I was not the thinnest there and I’m pretty sure I was the oldest.  But I just let go of everything and had fun with my little one.  And I do believe I was the parent who had the best time.